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The curse of the third Dates

by - November 9, 2011

Im very lazy right now, so here is the Google translation. i will do it manually sometime in the future.
They say yes always come back to after the third Date in the „hot“ phase occurs in a relationship. There then decides whether to fit together, or even direct sex.

Today I had such a third date, and with Modern Warfare. Specifically, I’ve said before not completed by 3 hours, the campaign of Modern Warfare third And what can I say, it has me in weggefetzt literally! Action, graphics, sound, gameplay, oh everything I was absolutely thrilled, and yes sometimes very shocked. And in the end I was sitting with a pleasant feeling on my couch and enjoyed the title of this masterpiece. And yet …

And even though I’m happily on my third date home, sneaks since this feeling. Something is missing. Something I was not the way I liked. Was it because of my date-partner? Again and again I go through the details of which have disturbed me. Like the music, for example. Oh God I’ve missed Hans Zimmer. Or why suddenly has a new soap opera dubbed voice? It is these tiny issues that do not leave me in peace. And then I remember that I have often felt after a third date Sun

Take, for example Halo 3 After two wonderful dates I had great expectations for the third.And was disappointed at high levels. And again, there were just little shortcomings. Ok done, the graphics were not exactly pretty even at release, but it was fun! But still the third date was compared to its two predecessors a little disappointing. That certain something, the magic, the feeling I had in the first two dates, it was no longer there.

Here, the adventures of Master Chief is just one of countless examples. Uncharted, Resistance, Gears of War, FEAR, Soul Calibur, etc., etc. All titles which have a very good third part, but still lacks that certain something, the magic of its predecessor.

Is it my fault that so many of my third Dates perfect, but with one tiny flaw is? I sit with her at the table and then she makes a tiny gesture, a sound, anything that strikes me not at first, then I will not but from the head.

But perhaps it is simply the expectation. After two wonderful, perfect dates, you just know what to look forward to. Then every little thing bother striking.

But it is worse for those to come. Which still need to prove themselves. The bad their third date are yet to come. Dead Space, Mass Effect, BioShock, etc. How will they fight? Also lacks a certain something to them at their otherwise flawless body? What if we realize what a wonderful time we had with them and got us in the end but missed one tiny little thing?

I for one will keep my current third date in a wonderful memory, just like the two previous dates. And within a few weeks I will not at all be aware of what I’m more disturbed me and I look forward to a long wonderful relationship.

PS: For me, the best of MW2 Call of Duty series. The music, atmosphere, plot (!), Graphics remain unbeaten. And yet I’ve fallen in MW3. I would rate them, I would rate them as follows:

MW2 94%

MW3 92%


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